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If you have an issue with your credit union, we suggest you first contact the credit union to attempt to resolve the matter. You can also use Find an Answer to find information that may assist you when contacting your credit union.

If you have already contacted t​he credit union, you can submit your complaint online now. To file a complaint via fax or mail, download and print the Consumer Assistance Form. Your complaint submission must include your name, contact information, name of the credit union, and a written statement of your complaint in order to be processed.


You can search the Find an Answer or contact the NCUA Consumer Assistance Center by phone at 800-755-1030 (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM ET).

NCUA Consumer Assistance Center
1775 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Other Helpful Resources

For general questions, including those related to a credit report, loan, or deposit product, you can contact the NCUA Consumer Assistance Center by phone at 800-755-1030.

Office of Consumer Financial Protection

Phone: 703-518-1140
Fax: 703-518-6682

Learn more about the Office of Consumer Financial Protection.

Share Insurance Questions

Visit the share insurance coverage to learn more about coverage, or use the Share Insurance Estimator to calculate your share insurance coverage limits.

Still have questions on share insurance? You can reach a share insurance specialist by phone at 800-755-1030 (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM ET), or electronically by submitting your question to the NCUA Consumer Assistance Center here.

Chartering, Field of Membership, Credit Union Board Activities or Elections Questions

For questions concerning chartering, field of membership, credit union board activities or elections you can speak with an NCUA Consumer Assistance Center agent by calling 800-755-1030 (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM ET), or contact us electronically by submitting your question to the Consumer Assistance Center here.

Interested in starting a new credit union?

If you have questions about how to start a new credit union, please visit the chartering resources page on ncua.gov or send an email with questions to newfcu@ncua.gov.

NCUA Ombudsman

Phone: 703-518-1175
Fax: 703-518-1757

Learn more about the NCUA Ombudsman here.