Mortgage Modifications

NCUA encourages credit unions to work constructively with residential mortgage borrowers who may be unable to meet their contractual payment obligations. One common workout arrangement is a mortgage loan modification. A loan modification permanently restructures the terms of an existing mortgage loan. It is important to understand a loan modification is not a new loan, but a renegotiation of an existing loan. It does not satisfy or replace the existing note.

Loan modification options may include (but are not limited to) any one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Reduction in the interest rate;
  • Extension of the maturity date;
  • Principal forbearance or forgiveness;
  • Conversion of the interest rate from adjustable to fixed;
  • Allowing interest-only payments for a period of time;
  • Balloon options;
  • Waiver of late fees; and
  • Reduction or capitalization of past due amounts, accrued interest, taxes, insurance, or fees.

Home Affordable Modification Program

The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is a federal loan modification program designed to reduce delinquent and at-risk borrowers' monthly mortgage payments. The Program is part of the Making Home Affordable Program, which was created by the Financial Stability Act of 2009.

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