Find a Credit Union in Your Area

NCUA has a multipurpose tool for helping you locate a credit union branch near you. You may search within 5 miles of an address or as far as 60 miles if you are in a rural area.  The tool will identify which credit union branches have a drive- through or an ATM. By selecting a specific credit union branch, you can view more details about the credit union, including their address, phone number, and website. A map of the area and directions to the branch are also available. 

To determine if you are eligible to join a specific credit union and begin receiving financial services from them, visit the credit union’s website and look for wording on membership eligibility, how to join, or how to become a member.  See below for more information on finding a credit union to join.

Find a credit union near you.

Find a Credit Union to Join

If you are eligible to join, you can easily become a member by completing a membership application, depositing and maintaining the minimum par value of a share (generally ranging from $5 to $25), and paying a one-time membership fee if the credit union charges such a fee. As a member, you will have the right to vote at the credit union’s annual membership meeting for the credit union’s board of directors and its other officials.  All of the officials are comprised of members, like yourself, from its field of membership. 

If it is determined you do not fall within the credit union’s field of membership and thereby not eligible to join, ask the credit union to consider expanding its field of membership so you may become eligible to join. For some examples on how a credit union can expand its field of membership to possibly serve you, see below.

A credit union chartered to serve a field of membership consisting of those located within a city, could potentially expand its community charter to serve those within your entire county, and in some cases multiple counties.    

Some occupational, associational, and multiple common bond credit unions are able to add new select groups, such as the employees of your company or a qualifying member based organization (association) you belong to. Some recognized member based organizations include churches, labor unions and homeowner associations. Others member based organization may also qualify if certain associational based criteria established by the credit union’s regulator are met. Many credit unions serving multiple select groups can also expand their field of membership to serve geographic areas identified as underserved.