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Did you know that almost half of Americans say they don’t have enough savings for an emergency? Are you and your family prepared financial if an emergency happens?

America Saves Week is a week long campaign that raises awareness about the importance of saving money, reducing debt and building wealth and is a perfect time to plan for your financial future.

During America Saves Week, NCUA encourages you and your family to start planning for a healthier financial future. By working with your credit union to take control of your financial future, you can be better prepared for a financial emergency.

Are You a Member of a Credit Union?

Throughout the America Saves Week campaign, credit unions will encourage their members and their families to save regularly and improve their financial health by:

  • Encouraging their members to pledge to save
  • Offering savings products with special rates or incentives
  • Hosting free financial education seminars on savings
  • Providing free financial counseling services
  • Offering incentives to make a deposit into a savings account
  • Promoting emergency savings accounts or club accounts for saving

Remember to contact your local credit union to ask if they are participating.


Take the Pledge!

Once you have a plan together, commit to your goal by taking the pledge to save.

For more information about America Saves Week and more ways to make better financial decisions, visit



Ready to Start Saving? Here are 3 Easy Steps to Get You Started:

Set a Goal.
What do you want to save for? (School, car, home, paying off debt).
AS-step2.pngMake a Plan. How much do you need to save? How long will it take you? Contact your local credit union.  Many offer free financial counseling to help develop a plan.
AS-step3.pngSave Automatically. Talk to your credit union about setting up automatic transfers into  your savings account. Many employers also offer ways to have your pay automatically  deposited into a savings account.


NCUA Consumer Report: Your Financial Future is Brighter with Savings

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