June 26 marks the 80th anniversary of the passage of the Federal Credit Union Act of 1934. Enacted during the depths of the Great Depression, the law enabled credit unions to be organized throughout the United States under charters approved by the federal government. The purpose of the federal law was to make credit available to Americans and promote thrift through a national system of nonprofit, cooperative credit unions.

In the years since the passage of the Federal Credit Union Act, credit unions have evolved and are larger and more complex today than those first institutions 80 years ago. But credit unions continue to provide needed financial services to millions of Americans. Today, federally insured credit unions have $1.1 trillion in assets and more than 97 million members.

NCUA and its more than 1,200 employees continue to work to protect and enhance a credit union system that is safe, sound, and secure.


Presidential Message

President Obama marks the 80th Anniversary of the Federal Credit Union Act with a special message

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The Federal Credit Union Act

Visit the National Archives to see a scanned copy of the original document signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. (more)


Historical Image Gallery 

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Credit Union System and NCUA Historical Timeline

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Video Gallery

These videos detail the history of credit unions and NCUA and their roles in helping to ensure millions of Americans have access to affordable financial services.

NCUA PSA: 80 Years of Federal Credit Unions

NCUA is marking the anniversary of the Federal Credit Union Act with a PSA-style video documenting the history of the credit union system and its mission of promoting thrift.

NCUA History of Credit Unions


Downloadable Graphics

Download commemorative graphics and other
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celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Federal
Credit Union Act. (more)



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