Submit Your Complaint

Before filing a complaint with NCUA, you must first attempt to resolve the dispute with the credit union.

If you have a complaint regarding the regulation of your federal credit union, and you have already attempted to resolve the issue with the credit union, you may file a formal complaint online or by sending us a letter to:

National Credit Union Administration
Office of Consumer Protection
1775 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax: (703) 518-6682

Your fax or letter should identify:

  • The full name and address of the credit union
  • A clear explanation of your problem
  • A brief description of what action you want the credit union to take to resolve the problem
  • Legible photocopies of supporting documentation (if you have it). Do not send your original statements or other documents
  • A copy of any written correspondence you have already had with the federal credit union regarding the issue at hand and any reply that you received

Be sure to include your name and postal address in the fax or letter.

Do not include personal or confidential information, such as your social security, credit card, or bank account numbers. You should delete personal or confidential information from the information you share with NCUA.