Mobile Banking

Introduction to Online and Mobile Banking

Technology continues to transform our daily lives, and banking is no exception. Today, you can practically manage all of your personal finances online. In fact, some financial institutions operate completely online. When choosing a new financial institution or credit card, you should consider the mobile and online services that are offered, factoring them into your final decision. When choosing a financial institution, it’s always important to review the basics such as account requirements and fees. However, when it comes to online and mobile banking, it is all about accessibility and convenience.


Financial institutions are promoting their online services more and more. Some financial institutions even offer reductions in fees if you do all your banking online and never enter a physical branch. Online services have developed to the point where you can do pretty much anything a teller can, if not more.
Key services include:

  • At-a-glance account information
  • Account alerts
  • Access to prior statements
  • Transaction search
  • Automatic savings plan
  • Money transfers
  • E-bills and bill pay


The mobile landscape has more variables to navigate, but thankfully the basics aren’t hard to find. Most importantly, look for a native app. This means that the financial institution has developed its own application, as opposed to just offering a mobile site ( Most apps are developed for the iPhone and Android, so if your phone’s operating system is not built on one of those platforms, using a mobile site may actually be your only option. Be sure to check which platforms a financial institution’s application is available on. You don’t want to open a new account, just to find out their application is not available on your phone.

Check your account balance,
activity, and transaction history.

Photo of phone with - Check your account balance, activity, and transaction history
Pay bills and transfer money.

Photo of phone with - Pay bills and transfer money

Locate ATMs and financial institution locations.

Photo of phone with - Locate ATMs and financial institution locations

Remote Check Deposit.

Photo of phone with - Remote Check Deposit

More and more financial institutions are offering mobile deposits, which allow you to deposit money in your account simply by uploading a photo of the check.