Make a Difference 

Through your local credit union

Make a Difference Day is a national day of community service. Millions of volunteers all over the United States participate in activities that help improve the lives of others in their communities.

Make a Difference Day occurs annually in October.

Credit unions make a difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide. This is accomplished through the consumer-focused nature of credit unions and their operating structure. Below are some examples on how you can make a difference through your local credit union.

Become a credit union member and participate in a system of
cooperative credit.

Unlike other financial institutions credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives. Their mission, purpose, and operating structure focus on serving the needs of the people who use their products and services. For example, any profits a credit union makes is returned back to members in the form of low cost loans, higher saving rates, and low fees.

How can you make a difference? As a member, when you make a deposit, that money is then used to provide loans and services to
other members of the credit union. Furthermore, members have a voice in important credit union matters. For example, members vote on issues and elect a voluntary board of directors that control the direction of the credit union. This is why credit unions are called “cooperative” financial institutions.

By becoming a credit union member, saving regularly and using credit union products and services, members have the power to make a difference.

Serve as a voluntary credit union board member

Another way of making a difference through a credit union is to serve as a voluntary board member. As a board volunteer you donate your skills, time, and energy to support the direction and growth of the credit union.

Once elected as a voluntary board member, you have a direct say in how your credit union makes important operating decisions. As a board member, you help ensure that the credit union best serves the interests of its members and community.

It’s time to make a difference through your local credit union!

Below are examples of ways credit unions and their members are currently serving to make a difference!

  • Providing free financial counseling and couching services to their members 
  • Supporting local communities through fund raisers, book donations, school supply drives, and blood donation drives - Helping members achieve financial well-being through hosting free educational community events 
  • Providing scholarships to students to help cover tuition, books and other fees

Each credit union involves people just like you contributing to make a difference in many ways.

Whether it is simply making deposits as a member, helping organize events and activities, or taking on the responsibilities of a board member, each and every person collectively contributes to making a difference. Contact your local credit union today to see how you may get involved.


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