Financial Literacy Highlights

Credit unions nationwide conduct financial literacy and capability initiatives that empower their members to make smarter financial Financial Literacy Highlights
decisions. Highlighted below are a few examples of credit union activities involving financial literacy, education, and outreach.

The name and location of the credit unions have been intentionally removed. NCUA encourages the financial literacy efforts of credit unions, but does not endorse any one particular credit union.

Contact your local credit union today, to find out what financial literacy programs are available.

Credit Unions Are Committed To Providing Financial Literacy through Financial Education and Access to Affordable Credit Union Services

- A low income credit union held financial education classes at its office, two local churches, and two elementary schools.

- A credit union conducted a 13-week financial education program on cable access television reaching nearly 1 million people with a 30-minute broadcast.

- As part of their financial awareness program a credit union provides free presentations to its members on topics including money management basics, identity theft, small business basics, investing and retirement, and credit union career opportunities.

- A low income credit union placed credit counselors in its branch lobbies to assist members with financial issues including foreclosure prevention, bankruptcy and debt management.

- A credit union has over 60 on-site financial service locations serving students, teachers, and staff at K-12 schools. The credit union conducts presentations at its partner schools on a variety of different topics.

- A low income credit union provided both live and online financial education for members of the community, both credit union members and non-members.

- A credit union promotes the value of earning dividends and saving for a brighter future by offering a high rate share certificate for young savers 18 years of age and under.

- A credit union offers free workshops to seniors seeking information on reverse mortgages as a retirement funding option.

- The credit union held awareness talks at a senior citizens center to speak with seniors about common scams targeting them like wire fraud and identity theft. The credit union provided information on how seniors can better protect their finances.